Hotel Comfort Dauro 2


In the centre of Granada

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Excellent location

Thanks to our location, you will be a short and pleasant walk away from the city’s main attractions. Enjoy the experience of discovering local cuisine, historical monuments and the most popular shopping areas.

Address: Calle Navas, 5, 18009, Granada, Spain

There are different ways of getting to the hotel:

Hotel Comfort Dauro 2

Follow our simple instructions to get to the hotel.

Take Exit 13 from the GR-30 motorway and head towards the city centre on Calle Recogidas (access restricted with camera surveillance but allowed for hotel clients) all the way to the end. Take the street lined up with porches (Calle Ángel Ganivet) to the right and follow it to the end, until you reach Plaza de Mariana Pineda. End of journey. Calle Recogidas and Calle San Matías are the only streets with restricted access which you can drive through to get to the hotel.

Please note that some GPS and Google Maps will not take you down Calle Recogidas and divert you to a more complicated route. Park your car in the reserved parking space for hotel clients next to the small bakery and newsagent’s on Plaza de Mariana Pineda, since the other area is for buses only. The hotel is just 20 yards away from these reserved spaces, with pedestrian access on Calle Andorra.

Near the hotel

Hotel Comfort Dauro 2

Cathedral and Royal Chapel 500 yds.

The grand Renaissance-style cathedral of Granada was built in the Sixteenth century next to the old mosque in order to show the city’s new Christian power. Its architect was Diego de Siloé.

Its light, brightness and grandeur show the world the importance of the city in that important historical moment.

Next to the cathedral is the Royal Chapel, a smaller construction which is the resting place of the Catholic Monarchs (Isabella I of Castile and Ferdinand II of Aragon), Joanna I of Castile and Philip I of Castile.

The white Carrara marble in the mausoleums, the collection of Flemish paintings of Isabella I of Castile on the walls and the exceptional cast iron work which surrounds the whole place convey a feeling of solemnity to all of its visitors.

Albaycín 900 yds.

Albayzín is one of Granada’s essential must-see places. You cannot visit this Andalusian city and not walk around this Moorish neighbourhood which was declared a World Heritage Site in 1984.

This area first became populated by the Iberians and later there was a scattered Roman population. There are no details from the Islamic settlement prior to the arrival of the Zirid Berbers, so it is assumed that it was abandoned from the end of the Roman Empire until the foundation of the Zirid Kingdom (1013), which is when it was surrounded by walls (Cadima fortress).

Hotel Comfort Dauro 2
Hotel Comfort Dauro 2

Isabel La Católica Theatre 200 yds.

Due to the ambitious urban renovations carried out during the 1940s, Granada recovered a stable theatre for its cultural heritage: the Isabel la Católica Theatre, for 70 years and until 1936, had reaffirmed the love of locals for drama performances. The new theatre, in its current location, was inaugurated in 1952, a few days before the I Festival of Music and Dance, which used this stage to close its first edition with two recitals from the memorable guitarist Andrés Segovia.

Alhambra 0.6 miles

Congress and Exhibition Centre: 0.6 miles

Located in the heart of Granada, this congress centre combines the avant-garde of its design with its full integration into the urban landscape. It was inaugurated in 1992 and since then it has become one of the leading venues of its kind in the whole of Spain, not just for its large size (more than 484,000 ft2 over seven floors) but also for its magnificently equipped interior.

Hotel Comfort Dauro 2
Hotel Comfort Dauro 2

The Alhambra is a Palatine city which comprises a series of palaces, gardens and a fortress which used to be an authentic citadel within the city of Granada, used as the home of the monarch and the court of the NASRID KINGDOM.

Its true attraction is not just its interior, whose decoration is one of the most important ones of Al-Andalus art, but also in its location and adaptation, generating a new landscape which is fully integrated into the pre-existing natural setting.

Science Park: 1.2 miles

The Andalucía-Granada Science Park (Parque de las Ciencias) is the first interactive science museum in Andalusia, Spain. It was inaugurated in May 1995 and it covers over 17 acres of space. The park is located in a central area of Granada and it has become one of the city’s main tourist attractions.

It includes fantastic experiences such as the Macroscopic Building, the Journey through the Human Body Pavilion, the Al-Andalus and Science Pavilion, the Prevention Culture Pavilion, the Explore the Museum Attic Room, the Techno-Forum Pavilion, the Leonardo da Vinci temporary exhibition room, the Foucault Pendulum Building, the Eureka Room and the Perception Room among many others.

Hotel Comfort Dauro 2
Hotel Comfort Dauro 2

García Lorca Park: 1.2 miles

This public park in the city of Granada (Spain) was built as a tribute to local poet Federico García Lorca. With over 17 acres of land, this park has a contemporary design and it surrounds Huerta de San Vicente, the old summer house which belonged to the poet’s family.

Realejo-San Matías district

Located inside Granada’s old town, at the feet of the Alhambra on its south-eastern side, this district used to be the Jewish area of the Muslim city and it was known as Garnata al-Yahud (Granada of the Jews). When the Christians conquered the city, they renamed it Realejo.

Hotel Comfort Dauro 2